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As of January 1, 2017, Widget Press software is no longer sold in the Apple App Stores.

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Data collection made easy.

Not everyone has the patience to learn software development, however anyone can be an App developer with FormEntry or back-end server solution with ModelBaker. Designed from the ground up to be an easy to use Mac software, FormEntry can turn anyone into a form App author.

Why do people use Widget Press software?

FormEntry in the Classroom.

FormEntry for Mac can deliver all your exams or quizzes to your students’ iPad, iPhone or iPod touches over the Wi-Fi network. Create complicated or easy exams to be filled out by your students.

As the form author, you can set FormEntry Touch documents to expire within a given period of time or you can expire the form once a student leaves the local Wi-Fi hotspot.

FormEntry in the Restaurant.

Design your order entry menu for your front of house by using FormEntry for Mac. Your team can quickly input orders from within your Wi-Fi zone and push that order immediately back to your web service in the kitchen or bar. Your front of house can save time by entering orders at the table.

FormEntry in Real Estate.

Whether your a real estate agent, property appraiser, property insurance adjuster, home inspector or contractor, your team can benefit by having your mobile forms available on the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Quickly design your existing forms with FormEntry for Mac and have your team use your forms for data collection. Easily have them push the data back to your web site or have it emailed to your office.

FormEntry in Healthcare.

Mobile data input solutions can help healthcare professionals deliver care more efficiently. Using FormEntry Touch, your team can devote more time on patient care by eliminating the need to manually sync at the end of day.

FormEntry in Automotive.

Mobile data input solutions can help automotive teams deliver fast and efficient reports that can be sent to your back office. Using FormEntry for Mac and FormEntry Touch, you can deliver to your team critical data collection technology that can save time and money.

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I love your software.

Your software really is fantastic, I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Your FormEntry software is pretty amazing.

Good app. Fantastic customer support!

You make an amazing product!