Distribute your forms over the Internet.

The best way to share form docs from authors to multiple iPads, iPhones & iPod touches. Only for Mac OS X.

FormEntry Server comes with all the built-in features you need from an easy to use Bonjour Wi-Fi server. Expose your Mac with FormEntry Server to the Internet and provide your forms to your iOS users over cellular or Wi-Fi.

Distribution made easy.

Distribute unlimited FormEntry form apps across the Internet to unlimited iOS devices.


Do you have hundreds or even thousands of different groups (departments, classes, teams)? Do you have hundreds or maybe thousands of iPads, iPhones or iPod touches? FormEntry Server offers an easy way of importing those groups at once through CSV (Comma Separated Value) files.

Importing large sets of data save time and repetitive process of manually adding each item. From either the group or device section, you can import CSV files. For device CSV imports, you can also assign multiple groups for each device. Refer to the manual for further instructions on the proper CSV formats.

Remote Administration

Have your FormEntry for Mac users admin their own form document apps.

Be default, every FormEntry for Mac authors can publish any form document to their assigned groups. They can have the ability to update those documents.

If granted administrative rights, FormEntry for Mac authors are allowed to update and delete their FormEntry documents remotely from the server. They can even suspend (pause) the publishing of their documents from being synced with FormEntry Touch users.

Easy Set Up

FormEntry Server offers a straight forward approach in configuration. You simply add some user accounts, groups and devices and then assign groups to the accounts and devices.

Next, simply start the server and enter your local administrator credentials. That’s it, FormEntry Server should be running to accept incoming and distribute documents to FormEntry Touch users.

FormEntry Server by default, runs on Port 1086. If there are conflicts, this port number can easily be changed to any available port number.

FormEntry for Mac authors can publish their forms to the Internet address of FormEntry Server with the port number provided.

Automatic Wi-Fi Syncing

Transferring your FormEntry document to the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch is easy. In fact, no wires are needed. You simply enable ‘Accept Incoming’ from FormEntry Touch under the Settings screen. FormEntry Server will detect all Wi-Fi devices and sync FormEntry documents over to any available iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Both FormEntry Touch and FormEntry Server have to be on the same Wi-Fi network.

Internet Deployment

Using FormEntry Server to host your FormEntry documents, you can easily deploy your forms across the Internet to remote iOS users.

After you have designed and tested your FormEntry document, post your document to FormEntry Server, ready for distribution over a local Wi-Fi network or across the Internet. iOS device users will have to enter FormEntry Server’s URL address from within FormEntry Touch.

Automatic Registration

By default, FormEntry only allows syncing with iPads, iPhones and iPod touch devices that’s been added from the Devices section. However, you can instantly add unknown devices to be registered with FormEntry Server by enabling automatic registration from the General section.

Once automatic registration is enabled, unknown devices that have enabled ‘Accept Incoming’ from FormEntry Touch will be synced with the default group’s documents.

Publish From Anywhere

After the server has been started, authorized FormEntry for Mac users can publish from anywhere over the internet.

The only publishing requirements a FormEntry for Mac user needs are:

  1. Bonjour/Domain name or IP Address of FormEntry Server.
  2. The port number assigned to FormEntry Server.

Of course, an Internet connection and FormEntry for Mac would be helpful too.

If FormEntry for Mac users are within the server’s local area network, it is sometimes easier to publish to the server’s Bonjour address.

Accounts and Groups

FormEntry Server handles the distribution of FormEntry for Mac documents to all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices that are registered with the server. Groups make up the link between FormEntry for Mac authors and FormEntry Touch users.

FormEntry for Mac users will have an account on FormEntry Server and can belong to any number of groups. Devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch are registered with the server and can belong to any number of groups.

Once a FormEntry for Mac author publishing their form to a group, any FormEntry Touch user can receive that form once ‘Accept Incoming’ is enabled.